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Seattle Eco-Sangha Seminar

In Touch with the Earth; Seattle Eco-Sangha Seminar April 18, 2021 Speakers Wayne Suyenaga, Ph.D., Geology and Geophysics, has worked in geothermal, and oil and gas exploration. He is now a member of Seattle Betsuin Buddhist Temple. Jason Wirth, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy and Buddhism, Seattle University, and Soto Zen priest. Reverend Emeritus Donald Castro, Jodo Shinshu…

Unity is Diversity, Not Uniformity: Lessons from Huayan Buddhism

When we use the words "e pluribus unum" or "one from many," what unity are we talking about? Join Erik  Hammerstrom  in exploring key concepts from Huayan 華嚴  (Jpn. Kegon) Buddhism for a timely reminder that diversity, not uniformity, are the essential features of any true unity. To view the recording, first click "VIEW" on the poster,  then click HERE on…

Sanskrit 101

If you have ever been curious about this fascinating language, sign up here for a very basic four week introduction.

Art as Practice

Please watch this recorded conversation on Buddhist Art as Practice with professors Jason Wirth of Seattle University and Joseph Marino of the University of Washington. (click "VIEW" in the center of the poster to access the page with the link)
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